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  • Agoracom.com - Stock leaders moderate their own forums.
  • Allstocks.com - Live stock market chat using a java applet.
  • Avid Trader - Regular stock recommendations and chat with follow up commentary. Requires registration on line.
  • Bear Talk (Fall Street) - A place were bears can go to discuss the U.S. equity markets.
  • BestCalls.com - A free directory of investor conference calls and webcasts. CallTracker service provides advanced notice of conference calls by email.
  • BlockTradez - Public forum soliciting complaints about bad fills.
  • The Burghfield Investment Club - The site about twenty colleagues who pool money each month to buy shares as a group and to track their successes they run a website. contains information about running an Investment Club and welcomes comments and queries.
  • CANSLIM - Discussion board for the CANSLIM stock screening method described by William O'Neil in "How to Make Money In Stocks."
  • Club Fais1 - Message boards, weekly polls, and Internet roaming chat.
  • Club for Value Investing - An investment club for value investors to share their best stock ideas. Admission is free, but selective and limited to only 250 savvy investors.
  • CommodityCafe - A free, moderated futures trading forum.
  • Corel Investors Club - Non-profit group offering a repository of factual information, latest news and articles for the Corel investor.
  • The Critical Mass Discussion Forums - The Hedgehog's stock boards. Featuring informed discussion of high tech, internet, small cap, and penny stocks.
  • Day-Trader Chat - Free chat available in 3 different screen sizes for active traders.
  • The Daytraders Network - Live chat, level 2 training, and market outlook.
  • Daytraders.org - Professional live free chat room for day traders. Running since 1996.
  • Day-Traderz Forum - Financial forum targeting a primarily French audience.
  • DeepInsight users forum - Discuss the use of DeepInsight with other users.
  • Direct Access Trading Academy - Interpretations of the markets and the stocks that are moving them.
  • Discuss Futures.com - Message board to discuss trading futures.
  • Extreme Day Trading - Daily chat with top traders.
  • Fertilemind.net - Offers message boards led by in-house financial analysts.
  • Fiduciary Forums - Community exclusively for fiduciaries of institutional assets and for senior professionals in the institutional investment community.
  • FinanceBB - Forum discussing UK and US stocks. Formated for fast access and easy reading. Free to use but all registrations manually checked to ensure quality of contributers.
  • Financial Astrology - Sections include, dow trading, free classifieds, open forum, scams and shames.
  • FinancialChat.com - Live financial chat service.
  • The Forex Boards - Forex message forums. List of popular resources.
  • FundVision's Mutual Funds Discussion Board - For chartists, traders and timers. A place for hardened and budding chartists to discuss how to time the market using Mutual Funds, Spiders and WEBs
  • GullysPlace - Live sound and text chat about daytrading index futures. Free historical charts and commentary.
  • IDG.net: - Serving the needs of information technology decision-makers and financial analysts. 
  • IncredibleCharts Chart Forum - Discussion forum with stock market charting and trading strategies.
  • India infoline Chat - Online chat with the Streetwalker.
  • India Infoline Stock Forums - Latest news, tips, and message board.
  • InvestingDD.com - Built by investors for investors who are looking to have intelligent discussions on investment and market related topics.
  • Investors Chat.com - Free chat rooms, message boards, stock research, portfolio tracking for individual investors.
  • Investors Hub - Large, dynamic community of investors sharing market insights.
  • InvestorsUniverse.com - Stock picks, news, quotes, charts, chat, and message boards.
  • Investorville - Free message board community where investors can discuss and post on hundreds of investing, market and stock topics.
  • Investorville - Free online investing, internet, and technology stock discussion.


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